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Founded in 1946 and located on KU’s West Campus, the University Press of Kansas represents a consortium of six state universities: Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, Wichita State University, and KU.

The Press has a robust publishing history, having published over 2,500 titles and adding approximately sixty new titles annually to our esteemed collection. UPK is dedicated to publishing books that represent Kansans and our culture, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. The Press has earned a reputation for producing quality scholarship that extends beyond the Midwest with titles in American history, environmental studies, military history, law, Native American studies, and politics.

Our publications successfully capture both national and international readerships by garnering prestigious academic awards and excellent review and media attention in outlets like the Wall Street JournalNew York Times Book ReviewNew York Review of BooksLibrary Journal, and Chronicle of Higher Education.

We invite you to contribute to our ongoing efforts to publish world-class books—and to make them available in multiple formats (print and e-editions) and at affordable prices for scholars, general readers, and students alike. Your gift will help the Press:

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​As we strive to uphold our mission to publish and disseminate distinguished scholarship, every contribution helps. 

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We sincerely appreciate the donations we have already received and give thanks to you all for supporting our mission. We would especially like to thank the Dirksen Congressional Center for their support of several of our books related to congressional studies, and also to Humanities Kansas for providing a grant to support our publication of books within the Humanities.