Permission requests should be sent to:

Andrea Laws
University Press of Kansas
2502 Westbrooke Circle
Lawrence KS 66045

All requests should include the following information:

  1. Your publisher’s name. It is the firm policy of the University Press of Kansas not to grant permission until you have contracted with a publisher
  2. Name of our publication in which this material was originally published
  3. Name of our author or editor
  4. Exact number of words and/or pages as it appears in our publication
  5. Is your work to be published in cloth, paper, both, or other format?
  6. Number of copies of your work to be printed
  7. Projected list price of your forthcoming work.
  8. Please supply a copy of any previous permission granted as well as any other pertinent information concerning the previous permission.

You may download our Permission Request Form for submission and review, in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

You may also download sample Permission Request Forms for illustrations and text.


A fee will be assessed for use of University Press of Kansas material; full payment is due on or before publication or use.

Payment may be made via check, credit card, or wire transfer. Please contact Andrea Laws at for payment instructions.

All payments must be accompanied by a copy of the permission agreement.