Publishing Program

The University Press of Kansas invites proposals for books on these subjects.

  • Military history
  • Intelligence studies
  • American politics (including but not limited to presidential studies, urban politics, and American political thought)
  • Law and legal history
  • American Studies
  • American history
  • Western history
  • Environmental studies and environmental history
  • Native American studies (especially contemporary issues)
  • History, culture, and natural history of Kansas, the Plains states, and the Midwest

As part of our mission to publish works that contribute to important scholarly and public debates, we welcome proposal and manuscript submissions that foster inclusivity inside and outside of the academy, shed new light on well-known subjects, and amplify marginalized voices from the past and present.

We publish a number of series in these areas which can be found on our Series page. Please send proposals, following the book proposal guidelines found on our Submission Guidelines page to the responsible editor listed with the guidelines, or consult our list of editors.