Sales Agents and Distributors

For customers based in the EU and the UK, please contact:

Eurospan Group
Gray’s Inn House
127 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1R 5DB
United Kingdom

Orders & enquiries:
Tel: 44 1767 604972
Fax: 44 1767 601640

Further information:
Tel: 44 207 240 0856
Fax: 44 207 379 0609

For customers based in Japan, please contact:

MHM Limited
1-1-13 Kanda Jimbocho
Tokyo 101-0051

For all other international territories, please contact:

Derek Helms
Marketing & Publicity Director
University Press of Kansas
2502 Westbrooke Circle
Lawrence, KS 66045
Phone: 785-864-9170
Fax: 785-864-4586

Sales Rights and Restrictions

World rights unless otherwise noted

USA — For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, and the Philippines

CUSA — For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

OBE — Not for sale in the British Commonwealth

OBE/EEC — Not for sale in the European Union or the British Commonwealth