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Gibbons v. Ogden

John Marshall, Steamboats, and the Commerce Clause

Herbert A. Johnson

September 2010
216 pages

Gulf Coast Soundings

People and Policy in the Mississippi Shrimp Industry

E. Paul Durrenberger

April 1996
192 pages

The International Monetary System

History, Institutions, Analyses

Robert J. Carbaugh & Liang-Shing Fan

August 1976
176 pages

Liberal Economics and Democracy

Keynes, Galbraith, Thurow, and Reich

Conrad P. Waligorski

January 1997
272 pages

Nixon's Economy

Booms, Busts, Dollars, and Votes

Allen J. Matusow

April 1998
336 pages

Quest for the Golden Circle

The Four Corners and the Metropolitan West

Arthur R. Gómez

October 2000
286 pages

The Reagan Effect

Economics and Presidential Leadership

John W. Sloan

May 1999
328 pages

Rock Island Requiem

The Collapse of a Mighty Fine Line

Gregory L. Schneider

September 2013
400 pages

The Social Origins of Democratic Collapse

The First Portuguese Republic in the Global Economy

Kathleen C. Schwartzman

December 1989
248 pages

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