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The Courts, the Ballot Box, and Gay Rights

How Our Governing Institutions Shape the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Joseph Mello

August 2016
248 pages


Protecting Individual Rights

Louis Fisher

February 2016
208 pages

Cinematic Cold War

The American and Soviet Struggle for Hearts and Minds

Tony Shaw & Denise J. Youngblood

August 2014
312 pages

The Passenger Cases and the Commerce Clause

Immigrants, Blacks, and States' Rights in Antebellum America

Tony Allan Freyer

September 2014
216 pages

Judging the Boy Scouts of America

Gay Rights, Freedom of Association, and the Dale Case

Richard J. Ellis

May 2014
298 pages

America's Founding and the Struggle over Economic Inequality

Clement Fatovic

December 2015
360 pages

Obscenity Rules

Roth v. United States and the Long Struggle over Sexual Expression

Whitney Strub

September 2013
278 pages

Vietnam's High Ground

Armed Struggle for the Central Highlands, 1954-1965

J. P. Harris

September 2016
552 pages

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