University Press of Kansas to transition to Longleaf

We are pleased to announce a new partnership: effective May 1, 2023, Longleaf Services will provide fulfillment and distribution services and begin shipping orders for the University Press of Kansas. We’re excited to make this transition; though our warehouse has long been an excellent resource, this move aligns us with our university press peers and today’s marketplace and helps to ensure UPK’s successful future.

“The University Press of Kansas is very excited to partner with Longleaf Services and is confident that this collaboration will enhance the efficiency of our operations through economies of scale and lower operating costs,” explains Michael Haddock, as interim faculty director. “This move will increase our competitiveness in the university press marketplace and will bring the high quality scholarly publishing reputation of the University Press of Kansas to a much broader audience.”

As of May 1st, please direct all orders and customer service inquiries to:

Longleaf Services, Inc

116 S Boundary Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808

Phone: (800) 848-6224

Fax:     (800) 272-6817

Email:   /

Longleaf Services, Inc., is a non-profit company exclusively serving the university press community since 2006. Longleaf staff will assist you with your orders, while your UPK staff will continue to focus on what we’re best at: publishing your outstanding titles. We pride ourselves on our mission to publish scholarly books that advance knowledge and regional books that contribute to the understanding of Kansas, the Great Plains, and the Midwest.

If you have any questions, we’re here to assist and will send you a reminder email in late April. You can continue to purchase your books through the University Press of Kansas website:

Longleaf Services provides complete fulfillment and distribution services on behalf of the following university presses:  University of North Carolina Press, University of West Indies Press, Louisiana State University Press, Syracuse University Press, University of Nebraska Press, University of Calgary Press, University of Georgia Press, Cornell University Press, University of Virginia Press, Cork University Press, University of Notre Dame Press, Vanderbilt University Press, University of New Mexico Press, Baylor University Press, University of Oklahoma Press, University of Manitoba Press, Texas Tech University Press, Purdue University Press, Chemeketa Community College Press, and Clemson University Press. Please visit for more information.