Religious Studies

Religious Studies

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The Politics of Revelation and Reason

Religion and Civic Life in the New Nation

John G. West, Jr.

June 1996
320 pages

The Religious Beliefs of America's Founders

Reason, Revelation, and Revolution

Gregg L. Frazer

August 2014
312 pages

Religious Liberty in America

Political Safeguards

Louis Fisher

September 2002
278 pages

The Times and Trials of Anne Hutchinson

Puritans Divided

Michael P. Winship

May 2005
180 pages

While God is Marching On

The Religious World of Civil War Soldiers

Steven E. Woodworth

October 2001
406 pages

Why Associations Matter

The Case for First Amendment Pluralism

Luke C. Sheahan

February 2020
240 pages

The Yoder Case

Religious Freedom, Education, and Parental Rights

Shawn Francis Peters

October 2003
208 pages

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