Regional Studies

Regional Studies

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Guide to Kansas Architecture

David Sachs and George Ehrlich

April 1996
378 pages

Harvesting the High Plains

John Kriss and the Business of Wheat Farming, 1920-1950

Craig Miner

February 1998
240 pages

Haunted Kansas

Ghost Stories and Other Eerie Tales

Lisa Hefner Heitz

October 1997
232 pages

Hayseeds, Moralizers, and Methodists

The Twentieth-Century Image of Kansas

Robert Smith Bader

May 1988
224 pages

Horace M. Kallen in the Heartland

The Midwestern Roots of American Pluralism

Michael C. Steiner

May 2020
256 pages

An Illustrated Guide to Endangered or Threatened Species in Kansas

Joseph T. Collins, Suzanne L. Collins, Jerry Horak, Dan Mulhern, William Busby, Craig C. Freeman, and Gary Wallace

November 1995
152 pages

Imagining Tombstone

The Town Too Tough to Die

Kara L. McCormack

May 2016
216 pages

The Inland Ground

An Evocation of the American Middle West Revised Edition

Richard Rhodes

November 1991
344 pages

Justice on Fire

The Kansas City Firefighters Case and the Railroading of the Marlborough Five

J. Patrick O'Connor

August 2018
352 pages

Kansas City and How It Grew, 1822-2011

James R. Shortridge

November 2012
264 pages

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