Political Science: International Relations

Political Science: International Relations

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Bernard Brodie and the Foundations of American Nuclear Strategy

Barry H. Steiner

July 1991
384 pages

The Carter Presidency

Policy Choices in the Post-New Deal Era

Gary M. Fink and Hugh Davis Graham

July 1998
320 pages

Civil Judgment Recognition and the Integration of Multiple-State Associations

Central America, The United States of America, and the European Community

Robert C. Casad

February 1982
272 pages

Diplomacy, War, and Technology since 1830

Maurice Pearton

July 1984
288 pages

Justice Among Nations

On the Moral Basis of Power and Peace

Thomas L. Pangle & Peter J. Ahrensdorf

June 1999
372 pages

Prosecuting War Crimes and Genocide

The Twentieth-Century Experience

Howard Ball

October 1999
304 pages

Union, Nation, or Empire

The American Debate over International Relations, 1789-1941

David C. Hendrickson

March 2009
494 pages

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