Feminist Ethics

Edited by Claudia Card

What is "feminist" about feminist ethics? Do women's voices yield a distinct approach to the study of ethics?

Although they're far from uniform, women's voices, shaped by legacies of sexual politics, differ enough from men's to warrant a separate hearing. In Feminist Ethics feminist philosopher Claudia Card provides the forum. She brings together fifteen new essays on the nature, current state, and implications of feminist ethics, including many by some of the best and best known feminist philosophers in the U.S.

“This fine collection represents the breadth and diversity of work being done at the intersection of feminism and ethics.

—Religious Studies Review

“This is a valuable collection that should be useful to established workers in the field as well as those looking for research topics. At the same time, the essays stand on their own and maintain a high level of clarity, which should make them accessible to the general undergraduate reader.

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The connecting threads? "Feminist ethics is born of women's refusals to endure with grace the arrogance, indifference, hostility, and damage of oppressively sexist environments," Card writes. Thus, woven throughout feminist writings on ethics run experiences of oppression. From a variety of perspectives the writers of these essays address a fundamental question: If oppressive contexts shape the moral development of the oppressed, what does it mean for the oppressed to resist, to make morally responsible choices, to become moral agents, to develop character?

This volume presents no single answer. Instead, the essays collected here reflect the pluralism and "feistiness" of modern feminism. Subjects range from the history of feminist ethics to the logic of pluralist feminism, presenting feminist perspectives on such unexpected topics as terrorism, bitterness, women trusting other women, and survival and ethics.

About the Author

Claudia Card is professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and is the coeditor of two anthologies: Religious Commitment and Salvation, with R. R. Ammerman, and Character: Essays in Philosophical Moral Psychology, with Lester Hunt. In addition to philosophy, she teaches teaches courses in women's studies and environmental ethics.