Literature: American

Literature: American

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The Hunter Elite

Manly Sport, Hunting Narratives, and American Conservation, 1880–1925

Tara Kathleen Kelly

March 2018
348 pages

The Inland Ground

An Evocation of the American Middle West Revised Edition

Richard Rhodes

November 1991
344 pages

Inventing Destiny

Cultural Explorations of US Expansion

Edited by Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr.

September 2019
302 pages

The Last Cattle Drive

30th Anniversary Edition

Robert Day

October 2006
266 pages

The Moderate Imagination

The Political Thought of John Updike and the Decline of New Deal Liberalism

Yoav Fromer

May 2020
288 pages

Oz and Beyond

The Fantasy World of L. Frank Baum

Michael O. Riley

September 1997
304 pages

Poets, Poetics, and Politics

America's Literary Community Viewed from the Letters of Rolfe Humpries, 1910-1969

Edited by Richard Gillman and Michael Paul Novak

January 1992
320 pages

Unpainted to the Last

Moby-Dick and Twentieth-Century American Art

Elizabeth A. Schultz

October 1995
400 pages

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