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The Fourth Amendment in Flux

The Roberts Court, Crime Control, and Digital Privacy

Michael C. Gizzi and R. Craig Curtis

June 2016
200 pages

Free at Last to Vote

The Alabama Origins of the 1965 Voting Rights Act

Brian K. Landsberg

April 2007
278 pages

Freedom and the Court

Civil Rights and Liberties in the United States

Henry J. Abraham and Barbara A. Perry

September 2010
568 pages

Fugitive Slave on Trial

The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage

Earl M. Maltz

October 2010
184 pages

The Governance of Western Public Lands

Mapping Its Present and Future

Martin Nie

February 2008
382 pages

Government Lawyers

The Federal Legal Bureaucracy and Presidential Politics

Edited by Cornell W. Clayton

June 1995
300 pages

"A Great Power of Attorney"

Understanding the Fiduciary Constitution

Gary Lawson and Guy Seidman

May 2017
232 pages

The Great Yazoo Lands Sale

The Case of Fletcher v. Peck

Charles F. Hobson

October 2016
248 pages

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