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The End of Sustainability

Resilience and the Future of Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene

Melinda Harm Benson and Robin Kundis Craig

November 2017
256 pages

Enforcing Civil Rights

Race Discrimination and the Department of Justice

Brian K. Landsberg

April 1997
288 pages

Even the Children of Strangers

Equality under the U.S. Constitution

Donald W. Jackson

September 1992
296 pages

Ex Parte Milligan Reconsidered

Race and Civil Liberties from the Lincoln Administration to the War on Terror

Edited by Stewart L. Winger and Jonathan W. White

April 2020
392 pages

Explicit and Authentic Acts

Amending the U.S. Constitution 1776-2015, With a New Afterword

David E. Kyvig

March 2016
668 pages

Father, Son, and Constitution

How Justice Tom Clark and Attorney General Ramsey Clark Shaped American Democracy

Alexander Wohl

April 2013
478 pages

The FBI's Obscene File

J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau's Crusade against Smut

Douglas M. Charles

April 2012
184 pages

Flag Burning and Free Speech

The Case of Texas v. Johnson

Robert Justin Goldstein

November 2000
288 pages

The Fourth Amendment in Flux

The Roberts Court, Crime Control, and Digital Privacy

Michael C. Gizzi and R. Craig Curtis

June 2016
200 pages

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