The Four Seasons of Kansas

Revised Edition

Daniel D. Dancer

If photography is the art of writing with light, then photographer Dan Dancer has written the story of Kansas. In this beautiful volume, he has assembled a portrait of the state in its many different lights—a sunflower field at dawn, a rural Main Street in the eerie, greenish light of a summer storm, a nighttime prairie fire, and a dusty stretch of prairie in the hot light of midday.

In 105 full-color photographs Dancer moves through the four seasons, capturing first the vast, spare grandeur of prairie and sky, then focusing closer, to illuminate the more intimate pieces of the Kansas landscape—the icy fur of a buffalo in winter, a solitary gravestone nearly overgrown by prairie grass. He pursues what he calls "wild space"—uncluttered landscapes that embody a quiet beauty that eludes the hurried and undiscriminating eye. Season by season, he uncovers the uncomplicated, subtle beauty of the state.

“Much of my adventures in Kansas has been spent in pursuit of what I call ‘wild space’—uncluttered landscapes that embody a quiet beauty that eludes the hurried and undiscriminating eye. Kansas abounds in such beauty, and the photographs I’ve chosen for this book are intended to celebrate its abundance and variety.”

—Daniel D. Dancer, from the Preface

“So what is the truth of Kansas? This is what: Kansas is a complexity of moving points, a land of tilts and shifts, a region full of lives and ideas going this way and that and not infrequently colliding. It is the heartland of America, indeed, but not simply in the way popularly understood; it also beats at our center because, like the whole nation, it moves in turbulence, in fitfulness, and, somehow between times, in beauty.”

—William Least Heat-Moon, from the Introduction

This revised edition features a new preface, four new seasonal essays, and twelve new photographs replacing those found in the original 1988 edition.