History: World War I

History: World War I

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Doughboys on the Great War

How American Soldiers Viewed Their Military Experience

Edward A. Gutiérrez

January 2017
320 pages

Enduring Battle

American Soldiers in Three Wars, 1776-1945

Christopher H. Hamner

April 2011
294 pages


German Anti-Aircraft Defenses, 1914-1945

Edward B. Westermann

November 2001
432 pages

The 4th Marine Brigade at Belleau Wood and Soissons

History and Battlefield Guide

J. Michael Miller
Foreword by Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills, USMC (Ret.)

June 2020
472 pages

A Fraternity of Arms

America and France in the Great War

Robert B. Bruce

June 2003
400 pages

George W. Goethals and the Army

Change and Continuity in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Rory McGovern

March 2019
316 pages

Harlem's Rattlers and the Great War

The Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality

Jeffrey T. Sammons & John H. Morrow, Jr.

October 2015
528 pages

Imperial Germany and War, 1871-1918

Daniel J. Hughes and Richard L. DiNardo

March 2018
696 pages

Pershing's Crusaders

The American Soldier in World War I

Richard S. Faulkner

March 2017
772 pages

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