19th Century

19th Century - History: United States

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Early Struggles for Vicksburg

The Mississippi Central Campaign and Chickasaw Bayou, October 25-December 31, 1862

Timothy B. Smith

May 2022
632 pages

The Frontier Challenge

Responses to the Trans-Mississippi West

Edited by John G. Clark

October 2021
322 pages

Kenekuk the Kickapoo Prophet

Joseph B. Herring

October 2021
200 pages

Niagara 1814

America Invades Canada

Richard V. Barbuto

November 2000
426 pages

Thomas Brackett Reed

The Gilded Age Speaker Who Made the Rules for American Politics

Robert J. Klotz

July 2022
304 pages

The Unusual Story of the Pocket Veto Case, 1926-1929

Jonathan Lurie

July 2022
192 pages

Warfare and Logistics along the US-Canadian Border during the War of 1812

Christopher Dishman

December 2021
352 pages

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