Citizen Sherman

A Life of William Tecumseh Sherman

Michael Fellman

Some men panic in the face of war, others embrace its horrific challenges. But none embraced war as ferociously or with as much cold calculation as William Tecumseh Sherman. It was Sherman who both articulated and practiced the relentless scorched-earth policy that broke the heart of the Confederacy. Sherman succeeded in large measure because, better than any other Union general, he fully grasped the essence of psychological warfare and could enact his own deep-rooted rage with ruthless clarity.

This biography is much broader than an analysis of Sherman's wartime genius, however. Michael Fellman seeks to illuminate the emotional as well as the intellectual, ideological, and occupational lives of this extraordinary, but at the same time representative, Victorian American.

“Boldly argued and gracefully written.”

New York Times Book Review

“As gripping and original a life story as has yet been produced on William T. Sherman. The definitive modern study of the Civil War's most feared fighter.”

Chicago Tribune
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About the Author

Michael Fellman, professor of history at Simon Fraser University, is the author of four previous books, including Inside War: The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri During the American Civil War.

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