History: Legal and Constitutional

History: Legal and Constitutional

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Adoption Politics

Bastard Nation and Ballot Initiative 58

E. Wayne Carp

April 2004
254 pages

Advising the President

Attorney General Robert H. Jackson and Franklin D. Roosevelt

William R. Casto

October 2018
224 pages

Affirmative Action on Trial

Sex Discrimination in Johnson v. Santa Clara

Melvin I. Urofsky

April 1997
216 pages

Against the Imperial Judiciary

The Supreme Court vs. the Sovereignty of the People

Matthew J. Franck

April 1996
288 pages

Alexander Hamilton and the Development of American Law

Kate Elizabeth Brown

August 2017
320 pages

Amending America

If We Love the Constitution So Much, Why Do We Keep Trying to Change It?

Richard B. Bernstein with Jerome Agel

April 1995
416 pages

American by Birth

Wong Kim Ark and the Battle for Citizenship

Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov

June 2021
304 pages

American Compact

James Madison and the Problem of Founding

Gary Rosen

July 1999
250 pages

The American State Constitutional Tradition

John J. Dinan

April 2006
440 pages

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