Gender and Sexuality: LGBTQ

Gender and Sexuality: LGBTQ

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Before Bostock

The Accidental LGBTQ Precedent of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins

Jason A. Pierceson

June 2022
216 pages

The Case for Gay Rights

From Bowers to Lawrence and Beyond

David A. J. Richards

September 2005
264 pages

The Courts, the Ballot Box, and Gay Rights

How Our Governing Institutions Shape the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Joseph Mello

August 2016
248 pages

Hoover's War on Gays

Exposing the FBI's "Sex Deviates" Program

Douglas M. Charles

September 2015
472 pages

The Sharon Kowalski Case

Lesbian and Gay Rights on Trial

Casey Charles

May 2003
318 pages

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