Biography, Memoir, and Letters

Biography, Memoir, and Letters

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Advising Ike

The Memoirs of Attorney General Herbert Brownell

Herbert Brownell with John P. Burke

May 1993
426 pages

The Autobiography of William Allen White

Second Edition, Revised and Abridged

William Allen White

Edited by Sally Foreman Griffith

April 1990
392 pages

Barbara Bush

Presidential Matriarch

Myra G. Gutin

June 2008
236 pages

Bess Wallace Truman

Harry's White House "Boss"

Sara L. Sale

October 2010
180 pages

Betty Ford

Candor and Courage in the White House

John Robert Greene

December 2004
184 pages

Buffalo Bill and His Wild West

A Pictorial Biography

Joseph G. Rosa and Robin May

January 1989
256 pages

Captain Jack and the Dalton Gang

The Life and Times of a Railroad Detective

John J. Kinney

October 2005
280 pages

Chief Executive to Chief Justice

Taft betwixt the White House and Supreme Court

Lewis L. Gould

November 2014
214 pages

Citizen Sherman

A Life of William Tecumseh Sherman

Michael Fellman

April 1997
500 pages

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