Art, Architecture, and Photography

Art, Architecture, and Photography

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American Angels

Useful Spirits in the Material World

Peter Gardella

October 2007
296 pages

The American Statehouse

Interpreting Democracy's Temples

Charles T. Goodsell

January 2001
240 pages

Backyard Visionaries

Grassroots Art in the Midwest

Edited by Barbara Brackman and Cathy Dwigans

December 1998
160 pages

Bust to Boom

Documentary Photographs of Kansas, 1936-1949

Edited by Constance B. Schulz

October 1996
168 pages

Faces of the Great Plains

Prairie Wildlife

Photographs and Field Notes by Bob Gress Text by Paul A. Johnsgard

October 2003
184 pages

The Four Seasons of Kansas

Revised Edition

Daniel D. Dancer

November 2001
128 pages

From Greenwich Village to Taos

Primitivism and Place at Mabel Dodge Luhan's

Flannery Burke

June 2008
260 pages

The Great Sperm Whale

A Natural History of the Ocean's Most Magnificent and Mysterious Creature

Richard Ellis

April 2011
384 pages

Guide to Kansas Architecture

David Sachs and George Ehrlich

April 1996
378 pages

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