War on Screen

War on Screen

Series editors: Stacy Takacs and Tony Shaw

This series will publish original manuscripts addressing the representation of war and/or the military in popular movies, television shows, or video games. Books will be brief and written in a critical but accessible style, suitable for popular consumption or classroom use. Submissions may examine an important depiction of war or the military in a single film, television program, or video game, or they may analyze themes and trends across texts or media (e.g., the military musical; the staging of “combat” across media platforms; recruiting via screen media; World War I on film; war trauma and videogames). All submissions should combine analysis of specific media texts with contextual analyses of production and reception history.

Stacy Takacs is professor of American studies at Oklahoma State University.

Tony Shaw is professor of contemporary history at the University of Hertfordshire.

Please direct proposals to: Stacy Takacs, stacy.takacs@okstate.edu or Tony Shaw, a.t.shaw@herts.ac.uk.

War on Screen

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New Series: War on Screen

The University Press of Kansas is accepting proposals.

Stacy Takacs and Tony Shaw, series editors

February 2020

The Big Picture

The Cold War on the Small Screen

John Lemza

September 2021
288 pages

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