Studies in Government and Public Policy

Studies in Government and Public Policy

Broadly conceived, this series encompasses significant works of scholarship that examine the complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out, and how public affairs are managed and conducted.

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Studies in Government and Public Policy - Series

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City Schools and City Politics

Institutions and Leadership in Pittsburgh, Boston, and St. Louis

John Portz, Lana Stein, and Robin R. Jones

October 1999
208 pages

Civil Servants and Their Constitutions

John A. Rohr

April 2002
222 pages

Communication in Congress

Members, Staff, and the Search for Information

David Whiteman

January 1996
256 pages

Controlling Public Education

Localism Versus Equity

Kathryn A. McDermott

September 1999
214 pages

Cooperative Pluralism

The National Coal Policy Experiment

Andrew S. McFarland

November 1993
232 pages

Cultivating Congress

Constituents, Issues, and Interests in Agricultural Policymaking

William P. Browne

April 1995
320 pages

Cultural Strategies of Agenda Denial

Avoidance, Attack, and Redefinition

Roger W. Cobb and Marc Howard Ross

November 1997
244 pages

Culture Wars and Local Politics

Edited by Elaine B. Sharp

March 1999
256 pages

Defending Congress and the Constitution

Louis Fisher

September 2011
374 pages

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