Rural America

Rural America

Series editors: Donald Worster, Kathleen Neils Conzen, Hal S. Barron, Cornelia Butler Flora, David L. Brown, and Carville Earle

Inactive. The Press is no longer accepting proposals for this series.

Books in the Rural America series examine the history, society, and culture of rural areas and communities in the United States.

Rural America - Series

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Any Way You Cut It

Meat Processing and Small-Town America

Edited by Donald D. Stull, Michael J. Broadway, and David Griffith

November 1995
288 pages

The Bay Shrimpers of Texas

Rural Fishermen in a Global Economy

Robert Lee Maril

June 1995
304 pages

The Changing American Countryside

Rural People and Places

Edited by Emery N. Castle

November 1995
584 pages

Dust Bowl Migrants in the American Imagination

Charles J. Shindo

January 1997
272 pages

Forgotten Places

Uneven Development in Rural America

Edited by Thomas A. Lyson and William W. Falk

June 1993
298 pages

Ghost Settlement on the Prairie

A Biography of Thurman, Kansas

Joseph V. Hickey

January 1995
342 pages

Gulf Coast Soundings

People and Policy in the Mississippi Shrimp Industry

E. Paul Durrenberger

April 1996
192 pages

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