Modern First Ladies

Modern First Ladies

Series editor: Lewis L. Gould

This series of biographical volumes on the twentieth-century first ladies builds upon the University Press of Kansas's substantial presidential studies list. Written for a general audience, each compact volume focuses on the years the first lady spent in the White House, assesses her impact on American history and the institution, and places her public career in the context of the history of first ladies, the presidency, and American women.

Modern First Ladies - Series

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Polarizing First Lady

Gil Troy

October 2006
278 pages

Jacqueline Kennedy

First Lady of the New Frontier

Barbara A. Perry

March 2018
288 pages

Lady Bird Johnson

Our Environmental First Lady

Lewis L. Gould

December 1999
176 pages

Lou Henry Hoover

Activist First Lady

Nancy Beck Young

January 2005
252 pages

Mamie Doud Eisenhower

The General's First Lady

Marilyn Irvin Holt

October 2007
206 pages

Nancy Reagan

On the White House Stage

James G. Benze, Jr.

October 2005
232 pages

Pat Nixon

Embattled First Lady

Mary C. Brennan

March 2011
248 pages

Rosalynn Carter

Equal Partner in the White House

Scott Kaufman

October 2007
220 pages

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