Modern First Ladies

Modern First Ladies

Series editor: Lewis L. Gould

This series of biographical volumes on the twentieth-century first ladies builds upon the University Press of Kansas's substantial presidential studies list. Written for a general audience, each compact volume focuses on the years the first lady spent in the White House, assesses her impact on American history and the institution, and places her public career in the context of the history of first ladies, the presidency, and American women.

Modern First Ladies - Series

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Barbara Bush

Presidential Matriarch

Myra G. Gutin

June 2008
240 pages

Bess Wallace Truman

Harry's White House "Boss"

Sara L. Sale

October 2010
180 pages

Betty Ford

Candor and Courage in the White House

John Robert Greene

December 2004
184 pages

Edith Kermit Roosevelt

Creating the Modern First Lady

Lewis L. Gould

February 2018
182 pages

Eleanor Roosevelt

Transformative First Lady

Maurine H. Beasley

October 2010
320 pages

Ellen and Edith

Woodrow Wilson's First Ladies

Kristie Miller

April 2015
360 pages

First Lady Florence Harding

Behind the Tragedy and Controversy

Katherine A. S. Sibley

April 2009
380 pages

Grace Coolidge

The People's Lady in Silent Cal's White House

Robert H. Ferrell

April 2008
198 pages

Helen Taft

Our Musical First Lady

Lewis L. Gould

August 2010
228 pages

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Polarizing First Lady

Gil Troy

October 2006
278 pages

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