Development of Western Resources

Development of Western Resources

Series editors: John G. Clark and Hal K. Rothman

Inactive. The Press is no longer accepting proposals for this series.

This interdisciplinary series explores the interplay between resource exploitation and economic, social, and political experiences in the American West.

Development of Western Resources - Series

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Selling Yellowstone

Capitalism and the Construction of Nature

Mark Daniel Barringer

May 2002
248 pages

Smelter Smoke in North America

The Politics of Transborder Pollution

John D. Wirth

January 2000
288 pages

State Trust Lands

History, Management, and Sustainable Use

Jon A. Souder and Sally K. Fairfax

February 1996
384 pages

Unruly River

Two Centuries of Change Along the Missouri

Robert Kelley Schneiders

March 1999
328 pages

Water, Land, and Law in the West

The Limits of Public Policy

Donald J. Pisani

October 1996
286 pages

Watering the Valley

Development along the High Plains Arkansas River, 1870-1950

James E. Sherow

January 1991
240 pages

Zuni and the Courts

A Struggle for Sovereign Land Rights

Edited by E. Richard Hart

May 1995
360 pages

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