Development of Western Resources

Development of Western Resources

Series editors: John G. Clark and Hal K. Rothman

Inactive. The Press is no longer accepting proposals for this series.

This interdisciplinary series explores the interplay between resource exploitation and economic, social, and political experiences in the American West.

Development of Western Resources - Series

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Acting for Endangered Species

The Statutory Ark

Shannon C. Petersen

May 2002
182 pages

America's National Monuments

The Politics of Preservation

Hal K. Rothman

April 1994
280 pages

American Forests

Nature, Culture, and Politics

Edited by Char Miller

October 1997
304 pages

American Indian Water Rights and the Limits of Law

Lloyd Burton

June 1991
192 pages

American Indians in the Marketplace

Persistence and Innovation Among the Menominees and Metlakatlans, 1870-1920

Brian C. Hosmer

November 1999
328 pages

Bay Cities and Water Politics

The Battle for Resources in Boston and Oakland

Sarah S. Elkind

October 1998
256 pages

Breaking the Iron Bonds

Indian Control of Energy Development

Marjane Ambler

February 1990
368 pages

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