Series editors: Erika Doss and Philip J. Deloria

CultureAmerica is a multi- and interdisciplinary series examining American culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The series aims to move beyond theory-driven definitions of cultural studies toward a fresh concern with the genesis, meaning, appeal, reception, and style of cultural forms, including popular art, music, film, television, magazines, architecture, crafts, foodways, fashion, and more.

For more information about the series, please contact: Bethany Mowry, Acquisitions Editor:

CultureAmerica - Series

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The Cherokee Kid

Will Rogers, Tribal Identity, and the Making of an American Icon

Amy M. Ware

June 2015
328 pages

Confederate Exceptionalism

Civil War Myth and Memory in the Twenty-First Century

Nicole Maurantonio

November 2019
264 pages

Counterculture Green

The Whole Earth Catalog and American Environmentalism

Andrew G. Kirk

November 2007
320 pages

Cuttin' Up

How Early Jazz Got America's Ear

Court Carney

November 2009
232 pages

Daughters of Aquarius

Women of the Sixties Counterculture

Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

April 2009
248 pages


Rites and Regalia of American Debdom

Karal Ann Marling

April 2004
230 pages

Elvis Culture

Fans, Faith, and Image

Erika Doss

April 1999
304 pages

Fat Blame

How the War on Obesity Victimizes Women and Children

April Michelle Herndon

June 2014
216 pages

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