Constitutional Thinking

Constitutional Thinking

Series editors: Jeffrey K. Tulis, Sanford Levinson, Emily Zackin, and Mariah Zeisberg

Books in the Constitutional Thinking series develop constitutional theory beyond legalistic concerns by examining such matters as institutional development; public policy; and political behavior, culture, and theory. The editorial approach, then, favors a constitutional theory embracing the full range of activities relevant to the making, maintenance, and reform of constitutions and constitutional cultures.

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Constitutional Thinking - Series

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America's Founding and the Struggle over Economic Inequality

Clement Fatovic

December 2015
360 pages

Broken Trust

Dysfunctional Government and Constitutional Reform

Stephen M. Griffin

August 2015
216 pages

Constitutional Failure

Sotirios Barber

August 2014
184 pages

Habeas Corpus in America

The Politics of Individual Rights

Justin J. Wert

March 2011
302 pages

Lincoln and Democratic Statesmanship

Edited by Michael P. Zuckert

May 2020
312 pages

A Nation So Conceived

Abraham Lincoln and the Paradox of Democratic Sovereignty

Michael P. Zuckert

December 2022
416 pages

Nullification and Secession in Modern Constitutional Thought

Edited by Sanford Levinson

September 2016
384 pages

Peopling the Constitution

John E. Finn

March 2014
368 pages

Real Americans

National Identity, Violence, and the Constitution

Jared Goldstein

December 2021
376 pages

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