American Presidential Elections

American Presidential Elections

Series editors: Michael Nelson and John M. McCardell, Jr.

The concise and readable volumes in this series focus on key presidential elections, their historical significance and impact, and their continuing relevance for contemporary American politics, public policy, and society. Each book treats the election as a window into the politics of its time and examines what made the election interesting, distinctive, and historically significant.

Covered in each volume are the historical and political setting in which the election took place, the major contenders, the nominating process, the general election campaign, and significant congressional and state elections held in conjunction with the presidential election. Each volume not only provides an overall analysis and interpretation of what happened, but also examines in what ways the election shed light on the politics of the times and foreshadowed those that ensued. 

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American Presidential Elections - Series

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Four Hats in the Ring

The 1912 Election and the Birth of Modern American Politics

Lewis L. Gould

April 2008
254 pages

I Like Ike

The Presidential Election of 1952

John Robert Greene

April 2017
272 pages

The Last Lincoln Republican

The Presidential Election of 1880

Benjamin T. Arrington

September 2020
232 pages

Minority Victory

Gilded Age Politics and the Front Porch Campaign of 1888

Charles W. Calhoun

November 2008
256 pages

Old Tip vs. the Sly Fox

The 1840 Election and the Making of a Partisan Nation

Richard J. Ellis

June 2020
482 pages

The One-Party Presidential Contest

Adams, Jackson, and 1824's Five-Horse Race

Donald Ratcliffe

October 2015
368 pages

Party over Section

The Rough and Ready Presidential Election of 1848

Joel H. Silbey

March 2009
214 pages

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