American Political Thought

American Political Thought

Founding series editors: Wilson Carey McWilliams and Lance Banning

The American Political Thought series consists of comparatively short, authoritative books on major thinkers, movements, themes, schools of thought, and institutions.

For more information about the series, please contact: David Congdon, Acquisitions Editor:

American Political Thought - Series

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Interpreting the Founding

Guide to the Enduring Debates over the Origins and Foundations of the American Republic

Alan Gibson

February 2010
246 pages

John Adams and the Spirit of Liberty

C. Bradley Thompson

November 1998
360 pages

John C. Calhoun's Theory of Republicanism

John G. Grove

December 2016
224 pages

John Locke's Two Treatises of Government

New Interpretations

Edward J. Harpham, ed.

January 1992
352 pages

The Jury in America

Triumph and Decline

Dennis Hale

February 2016
478 pages

The Learning of Liberty

The Educational Ideas of the American Founders

Lorraine Smith Pangle and Thomas L. Pangle

June 1993
370 pages

Liberty and Equality

The American Conversation

S. Adam Seagrave

September 2015
320 pages

Lincoln and Davis

Imagining America, 1809-1865

Brian R. Dirck

November 2001
340 pages

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