American Political Thought

American Political Thought

Founding series editors: Wilson Carey McWilliams and Lance Banning

The American Political Thought series consists of comparatively short, authoritative books on major thinkers, movements, themes, schools of thought, and institutions.

For more information about the series, please contact: David Congdon, Acquisitions Editor:

American Political Thought - Series

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American Virtues

Thomas Jefferson on the Character of a Free People

Jean M. Yarbrough

September 1998
280 pages

An Anti-Federalist Constitution

The Development of Dissent in the Ratification Debates

Michael J. Faber

May 2019
536 pages

Benjamin Franklin Unmasked

On the Unity of His Moral, Religious, and Political Thought

Jerry Weinberger

September 2005
352 pages


Beyond Progressivism

Philippa Strum

September 1993
240 pages

Citizenship and Democratic Doubt

The Legacy of Progressive Thought

Bob Pepperman Taylor

November 2004
208 pages

A Commercial Republic

America's Enduring Debate over Democratic Capitalism

Mike O'Connor

June 2014
320 pages

Conceiving a New Republic

The Republican Party and the Southern Question, 1869-1900

Charles W. Calhoun

September 2006
360 pages

A Constitution in Full

Recovering the Unwritten Foundation of American Liberty

Peter Augustine Lawler and Richard M. Reinsch II

May 2019
192 pages

The Contested Removal Power, 1789-2010

J. David Alvis, Jeremy D. Bailey, and F. Flagg Taylor IV

September 2013
270 pages

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