Submission Guidelines

Instructions for Prospective Authors

Submit your proposal to one of our acquisitions editors, listed here with their subject areas of publication.

Book Proposal Guidelines

In 500-2,500 well-chosen, polished words, the proposal should provide the following:

  1. Subject, scope, and thesis.
  2. Core contribution: what's unique, significant, exciting?
  3. Comparison to the most important, germane books.
  4. Intended audience.
  5. Reasons for undertaking the work.
  6. Research methodology.
  7. Length of work (preferably in words) and number of illustrations (what kind?).
  8. Table of contents (preferably annotated sufficiently to convey both the chapter's coverage and how it develops the overall argument).
  9. Status of proposed work: if not begun or finished, what is the schedule for completion?
  10. Qualifications of author.

The University Press of Kansas welcomes e-mailed proposals but not attached partial or complete manuscripts.

Acquisitions Editors

Joyce Harrison, Editor in Chief

Editor for military history and intelligence studies

Interim editor for American politics and public policy; presidential studies; American political thought; urban politics; law and legal history

Joyce Harrison oversees the Press’s publishing programs in military and intelligence studies, including the Modern War Studies series. For the present, she also handles the Press’s lists in politics and legal history. Joyce has acquired books in U.S. history, military history, Civil War studies, and other fields during her publishing career, most recently with the Kent State University Press and the University Press of Kentucky. She is a native of Baltimore, and has an M.A. in musicology from the Eastman School of Music.

Kim Hogeland, Acquisitions Editor

Western history; Native American studies; environmental studies; Kansas and regional studies

Kim Hogeland acquires books on the history of the American West, Native American studies, environmental studies, and regional studies (including Kansas, the Plains States, and the Midwest). Before coming to Kansas, she worked on history, music, and cinema titles at the University of California Press. She has a B.A. in history and Native American studies from UC Berkeley and an M.A. in history from UC Davis.

Instructions for Authors Under Contract

Use the following guidelines and checklists as you prepare to submit your manuscript.