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Kansas Notable Books

Books named Kansas Notable Books by the Kansas Book Festival

Beyond Cold Blood

The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK

Larry Welch

Birds, Bones, and Beetles

The Improbable Career and Remarkable Legacy of University of Kansas Naturalist Charles D. Bunker

Chuck Warner

Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri

The Long Civil War on the Border

Jonathan Earle, Diane Mutti Burke


A Personal Exploration of the Arkansas River

Max McCoy

Frontier Manhattan

Yankee Settlement to Kansas Town, 1854-1894

Kevin G. W. Olson

The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots

Bob Gress, Pete Janzen, Kenn Kaufman

Headlights on the Prairie

Essays on Home

Robert Rebein

Hunger for the Wild

America's Obsession with the Untamed West

Michael L. Johnson

Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds

Michael John Haddock, Craig C. Freeman, Jan├ęt E. Bare

The Last Wild Places of Kansas

Journeys into Hidden Landscapes

George Frazier

Mawson's Mission

Launching Women's Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Kansas

Marlene Mawson

The Nature of Kansas Lands

Beverley Worster, Donald Worster, Edward C. Robison III, Kyle Gerstner

A New Guide to Kansas Mushrooms

Sherry Kay, Benjamin Sikes, Caleb Morse

No Place Like Home

Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas

C.J. Janovy

Nothing but the Dirt

Stories from an American Farm Town

Kate Benz

Petroglyphs of the Smoky Hills

Rex Buchanan, Burke Griggs, Joshua Svaty

Policing Sex in the Sunflower State

The Story of the Kansas State Industrial Farm for Women

Nicole Perry

Prairie Bachelor

The Story of a Kansas Homesteader and the Populist Movement

Lynda Beck Fenwick

Prairie Fire

A Great Plains History

Julie Courtwright

Seeding Civil War

Kansas in the National News, 1854-1858

Craig Miner

Survival of Rural America

Small Victories and Bitter Harvests

Richard E. Wood

Time's Shadow

Remembering a Family Farm in Kansas

Arnold J. Bauer

Twenty-Five Years among the Indians and Buffalo

A Frontier Memoir

William D. Street, Warren R. Street, Richard W. Etulain

Words Is a Powerful Thing

Twenty Years of Teaching Creative Writing at Douglas County Jail

Brian Daldorph

More Books on Kansas

Expedition of Thirst

Exploring Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries across the Heart of Kansas and Missouri

Pete Dulin

Gathering Strays

Stories from Kansas and the Southwestern Plains

Jim Hoy

Into the Sunset

Emmett Dalton and the End of the Dalton Gang

Ian W. Shaw

The Jayhawk

The Story of the University of Kansas's Beloved Mascot

Rebecca Ozier Schulte, Douglas A. Girod

Kansas Boy

The Memoir of A. J. Bolinger

A. J. Bolinger, Jeffrey H. Barker, Melissa Walker

Kansas City's Montgall Avenue

Black Leaders and the Street They Called Home

Margie Carr

Laughing at Myself

My Education in Congress, on the Farm, and at the Movies

Dan Glickman

The Life and Legacy of Elizabeth Miller Watkins

A Pioneering Philanthropist

Mary Dresser Burchill, Norma Decker Hoagland

Marine, Public Servant, Kansan

The Life of Ernest Garcia

Dennis Garcia, Bob Dole

Mawson's Mission

Launching Women's Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Kansas

Marlene Mawson

The New Kansas Cookbook

Rural Roots, Modern Table

Jayni Carey, Frank Carey

Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines in Kansas

Revised and Expanded Edition

Michael John Haddock, Craig C. Freeman

What Kansas Means to Me

Twentieth-Century Writers on the Sunflower State

Thomas Fox Averill