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Clinton's Elections

1992, 1996, and the Birth of a New Era of Governance

Michael Nelson

February 2020
342 pages

The Election of the Evangelical

Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and the Presidential Contest of 1976

Daniel K. Williams

February 2020
464 pages

Feeding Victory

Innovative Military Logistics from Lake George to Khe Sanh

Jobie Turner

February 2020
400 pages

Native Hoops

The Rise of American Indian Basketball, 1895-1970

Wade Davies

January 2020
406 pages

Presidential Leadership in Political Time

Reprise and Reappraisal

Stephen Skowronek

January 2020
272 pages

Rock Island Requiem

The Collapse of a Mighty Fine Line

Gregory L. Schneider

February 2020
400 pages

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