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The Campaign Finance Cases

Buckley, McConnell, Citizens United, and McCutcheon

Melvin I. Urofsky

October 2020
256 pages

Fighting Means Killing

Civil War Soldiers and the Nature of Combat

Jonathan M. Steplyk

October 2020
304 pages

Gene Kelly

The Making of a Creative Legend

Earl J. Hess and Pratibha A. Dabholkar

October 2020
576 pages

Independent Scholars Meet the World

Expanding Academia beyond the Academy

Edited by Christine Caccipuoti and Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge

October 2020
272 pages

The Man of the People

Political Dissent and the Making of the American Presidency

Nathaniel C. Green

October 2020
408 pages

My Flint Hills

Observations and Reminiscences from America's Last Tallgrass Prairie

Jim Hoy

September 2020
304 pages

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