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Empire of the People

Settler Colonialism and the Foundations of Modern Democratic Thought

Adam Dahl

April 2018
272 pages

Imperial Germany and War, 1871-1918

Daniel J. Hughes and Richard L. DiNardo

March 2018
696 pages

Jacqueline Kennedy

First Lady of the New Frontier

Barbara A. Perry

March 2018
288 pages

MacArthur's Coalition

US and Australian Military Operations in the Southwest Pacific Area, 1942-1945

Peter J. Dean

March 2018
496 pages

The Turn of the Tide in the Pacific War

Strategic Initiative, Intelligence, and Command, 1941-1943

Sean M. Judge and Jonathan M. House

March 2018
288 pages

The U.S. Constitution and Secession

A Documentary Anthology of Slavery and White Supremacy

Dwight T. Pitcaithley

May 2018
384 pages

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