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Justice on Fire

The Kansas City Firefighters Case and the Railroading of the Marlborough Five

J. Patrick O'Connor

August 2018
352 pages

Larry Schwarm

Kansas Farmers

Kate Meyer

July 2018
128 pages

Marine, Public Servant, Kansan

The Life of Ernest Garcia

Dennis Raphael Garcia

August 2018
222 pages

The Political Thought of the Civil War

Edited by Alan Levine, Thomas W. Merrill, and James R. Stoner, Jr.

August 2018
432 pages

President Obama

Constitutional Aspirations and Executive Actions

Louis Fisher

July 2018
296 pages

The Supreme Court

An Essential History

Peter Charles Hoffer, Williamjames Hull Hoffer, and N. E. H. Hull

August 2018
512 pages

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