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Affective Labor and Alt-Ac Careers

Edited by Lee Skallerup Bessette

April 2022
272 pages

Before Bostock

The Accidental LGBTQ Precedent of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins

Jason A. Pierceson

June 2022
216 pages

Bootstrap Liberalism

Texas Political Culture in the Age of FDR

Sean P. Cunningham

April 2022
328 pages

The Diplomatic Presidency

American Foreign Policy from FDR to George H. W. Bush

Tizoc Victor Chavez

December 2021
320 pages

Presidential Control over Administration

A New Historical Analysis of Public Finance Policymaking, 1929-2018

Patrick O'Brien

April 2022
344 pages

Realigning America

McKinley, Bryan, and the Remarkable Election of 1896

R. Hal Williams

March 2010
264 pages

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