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Beyond Donkeys and Elephants

Minor Political Parties in Contemporary American Politics

Edited by Richard Davis

March 2020
296 pages

Defense Engagement since 1900

Global Lessons in Soft Power

Edited by Greg Kennedy

May 2020
304 pages

Do Running Mates Matter?

The Influence of Vice Presidential Candidates in Presidential Elections

Christopher J. Devine and Kyle C. Kopko

May 2020
296 pages

Father, Son, and Constitution

How Justice Tom Clark and Attorney General Ramsey Clark Shaped American Democracy

Alexander Wohl

April 2013
478 pages


Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era

Mark Andrejevic

September 2007
336 pages

Key to the Herpetofauna of the Continental United States and Canada

Robert Powell, Joseph T. Collins, and Errol D. Hooper, Jr.

July 2019
184 pages

Lincoln and Democratic Statesmanship

Edited by Michael P. Zuckert

May 2020
312 pages

The Moderate Imagination

The Political Thought of John Updike and the Decline of New Deal Liberalism

Yoav Fromer

May 2020
288 pages

Presidential Leadership in Political Time

Reprise and Reappraisal

Stephen Skowronek

January 2020
272 pages

Repugnant Laws

Judicial Review of Acts of Congress from the Founding to the Present

Keith E. Whittington

May 2020
432 pages

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