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Inglorious Passages

Noncombat Deaths in the American Civil War

Brian Steel Wills

November 2017
416 pages

MacArthur's Airman

General George C. Kenney and the War in the Southwest Pacific

Thomas E. Griffith, Jr.

January 2017
352 pages

Doughboys on the Great War

How American Soldiers Viewed Their Military Experience

Edward A. Gutiérrez

January 2017
320 pages

800 Days on the Eastern Front

A Russian Soldier Remembers World War II

Nikolai Litvin Translated and edited by Stuart Britton

January 2017
176 pages

Flying against Fate

Superstition and Allied Aircrews in World War II

S. P. MacKenzie

August 2017
264 pages

The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat

Reality and Myth

Earl J. Hess

July 2016
296 pages

Stalin's World War II Evacuations

Triumph and Troubles in Kirov

Larry E. Holmes

February 2017
246 pages

The Wehrmacht Retreats

Fighting a Lost War, 1943

Robert M. Citino

September 2016
440 pages

Nullification and Secession in Modern Constitutional Thought

Edited by Sanford Levinson

September 2016
384 pages

Populism and Imperialism

Politics, Culture, and Foreign Policy in the American West, 1890-1900

Nathan Jessen

July 2017
344 pages

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