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The Property of the Nation

George Washingtons Tomb, Mount Vernon, and the Memory of the First President

Matthew R. Costello

October 2019
352 pages

Key to the Herpetofauna of the Continental United States and Canada

Robert Powell, Joseph T. Collins, and Errol D. Hooper, Jr.

July 2019
184 pages

The Politics of War Powers

The Theory and History of Presidential Unilateralism

Sarah Burns

November 2019
328 pages

Inventing Destiny

Cultural Explorations of US Expansion

Edited by Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr.

September 2019
302 pages

Operation Don's Left Wing

The Trans-Caucasus Front's Pursuit of the First Panzer Army, November 1942-February 1943

David M. Glantz

December 2019
864 pages

Petroglyphs of the Kansas Smoky Hills

Rex Buchanan, Burke Griggs, and Joshua Svaty

September 2019
224 pages

The Idea of Presidential Representation

An Intellectual and Political History

Jeremy D. Bailey

July 2019
272 pages

Madison's Metronome

The Constitution, Majority Rule, and the Tempo of American Politics

Greg Weiner

August 2019
208 pages

Birds, Bones, and Beetles

The Improbable Career and Remarkable Legacy of University of Kansas Naturalist Charles D. Bunker

Chuck Warner

April 2019
228 pages

Buffalo Bill Cody, A Man of the West

Prentiss Ingraham
Edited by Sandra K. Sagala

March 2019
360 pages

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