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Harlem's Rattlers and the Great War

The Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality

Jeffrey T. Sammons & John H. Morrow, Jr.

October 2015
528 pages

Speaking Freely

Whitney v. California and American Speech Law

Philippa Strum

November 2015
200 pages

Liberty and Equality

The American Conversation

S. Adam Seagrave

September 2015
320 pages

God Hates

Westboro Baptist Church, American Nationalism, and the Religious Right

Rebecca Barrett-Fox

June 2016
296 pages

The American Political Pattern

Stability and Change, 1932-2016

Byron E. Shafer

November 2016
288 pages

Planning War, Pursuing Peace

The Political Economy of American Warfare, 1920-1939

Paul A. C. Koistinen

June 1998
466 pages

Friended at the Front

Social Media in the American War Zone

Lisa Ellen Silvestri

November 2015
256 pages

The Cherokee Kid

Will Rogers, Tribal Identity, and the Making of an American Icon

Amy M. Ware

June 2015
328 pages

Spying Through a Glass Darkly

American Espionage against the Soviet Union, 1945-1946

David Alvarez and Eduard Mark

January 2016
360 pages

American Airpower Strategy in World War II

Bombs, Cities, Civilians, and Oil

Conrad C. Crane

April 2016
288 pages

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