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Stumbling Colossus

The Red Army on the Eve of World War

David M. Glantz

May 1998
392 pages

Stalin's Guerrillas

Soviet Partisans in World War II

Kenneth Slepyan

October 2006
424 pages

Since You Went Away

World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front

Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith, eds

April 1995
310 pages

Secret Weapons and World War II

Japan in the Shadow of Big Science

Walter E. Grunden

June 2005
360 pages

Roi Ottley's World War II

The Lost Diary of an African American Journalist

Mark A. Huddle, ed.

August 2012
208 pages

Red Phoenix Rising

The Soviet Air Force in World War II

Von Hardesty and Ilya Grinberg

April 2012
448 pages

Progressivism and the World of Reform

New Zealand and the Origins of the American Welfare State

Peter J. Coleman

July 1987
262 pages

Peace Pact

The Lost World of the American Founding

David C. Hendrickson

April 2003
416 pages

Oz and Beyond

The Fantasy World of L. Frank Baum

Michael O. Riley

September 1997
304 pages

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