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The Santa Fe Trail

Its History, Legends, and Lore

David Dary

August 2012
384 pages

The Pope's Soldiers

A Military History of the Modern Vatican

David Alvarez

May 2011
448 pages

The International Monetary System

History, Institutions, Analyses

Robert J. Carbaugh & Liang-Shing Fan

August 1976
176 pages

The Great Sperm Whale

A Natural History of the Ocean's Most Magnificent and Mysterious Creature

Richard Ellis

April 2011
384 pages

The FBI and American Democracy

A Brief Critical History

Athan G. Theoharis

October 2004
206 pages

The Constitution and the Conduct of American Foreign Policy

Essays in Law and History

David Gray Adler and Larry N. George, eds.

July 1996
410 pages

The American Presidency

An Intellectual History

Forrest McDonald

February 1994
524 pages

State Trust Lands

History, Management, and Sustainable Use

Jon A. Souder and Sally K. Fairfax

February 1996
384 pages

Stalin's Reluctant Soldiers

A Social History of the Red Army, 1925-1941

Roger R. Reese

August 1996
280 pages

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