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Battleground Alaska

Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness

Stephen Haycox

April 2016
272 pages

Women on the Civil War Battlefront

Richard H. Hall

May 2006
408 pages

War with Mexico!

America's Reporters Cover the Battlefront

Tom Reilly Edited by Manley Witten

November 2010
352 pages

Victors in Blue

How Union Generals Fought the Confederates, Battled Each Other, and Won the Civil War

Albert Castel with Brooks Simpson

November 2011
374 pages

The Romanian Battlefront in World War I

Glenn E. Torrey

February 2012
440 pages

Pat Nixon

Embattled First Lady

Mary C. Brennan

March 2011
248 pages

Guide to the Battles of Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg

Edited by Jay Luvaas and Harold W. Nelson

October 1996
382 pages

FDR and the Soviet Union

The President's Battles over Foreign Policy

Mary E. Glantz

February 2005
264 pages

Battles on the Bench

Conflict Inside the Supreme Court

Phillip J. Cooper

December 1995
236 pages

Battlefield Chaplains

Catholic Priests in World War II

Donald F. Crosby

July 1994
326 pages

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