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The DeShaney Case

Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Dilemma of State Intervention

Lynne Curry

March 2007
176 pages

The Case for Gay Rights

From Bowers to Lawrence and Beyond

David A. J. Richards

September 2005
264 pages

States' Rights and the Union

Imperium in Imperio, 1776-1876

Forrest McDonald

October 2000
304 pages

Roe v. Wade

The Abortion Rights Controversy in American History

N. E. H. Hull and Peter Charles Hoffer

September 2010
384 pages

Religious Freedom and Indian Rights

The Case of Oregon v. Smith

Carolyn N. Long

January 2001
336 pages

Popular Government and the Supreme Court

Securing the Public Good and Private Rights

Lane V. Sunderland

January 1996
376 pages

New York Times v. Sullivan

Civil Rights, Libel Law, and the Free Press

Kermit L. Hall & Melvin I. Urofsky

September 2011
232 pages

Native Activism in Cold War America

The Struggle for Sovereignty

Daniel M. Cobb

October 2008
320 pages

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