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Sexual Harassment and the Law

The Mechelle Vinson Case

Augustus B. Cochran III

April 2004
238 pages

Religious Freedom and Indian Rights

The Case of Oregon v. Smith

Carolyn N. Long

January 2001
336 pages

In the Name of National Security

Unchecked Presidential Power and the Reynolds Case

Louis Fisher

September 2006
296 pages

Fugitive Slave on Trial

The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage

Earl M. Maltz

October 2010
184 pages

Flag Burning and Free Speech

The Case of Texas v. Johnson

Robert Justin Goldstein

November 2000
288 pages

Fighting Foreclosure

The Blaisdell Case, the Contract Clause, and the Great Depression

John A. Fliter and Derek S. Hoff

September 2012
232 pages

The 9/11 Terror Cases

Constitutional Challenges in the War against Al Qaeda

Allan A. Ryan

November 2015
240 pages

The Passenger Cases and the Commerce Clause

Immigrants, Blacks, and States' Rights in Antebellum America

Tony Allan Freyer

September 2014
216 pages

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