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Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, and Access to Justice

Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin

June 2015
286 pages

The Big Trial

Law as Public Spectacle

Lawrence M. Friedman

May 2015
238 pages

Red, White, and Blue

A Critical Analysis of Constitutional Law

Mark V. Tushnet

June 2015
376 pages

Secrecy in the Sunshine Era

The Promise and Failures of U.S. Open Government Laws

Jason Ross Arnold

August 2014
560 pages

In the Shadow of the Great Charter

Common Law Constitutionalism and the Magna Carta

Robert M. Pallitto

April 2015
248 pages

Speaking Freely

Whitney v. California and American Speech Law

Philippa Strum

November 2015
200 pages

Kafka's Indictment of Modern Law

Douglas E. Litowitz

August 2017
208 pages

Water, Land, and Law in the West

The Limits of Public Policy

Donald J. Pisani

October 1996
286 pages

The University of Kansas Medical Center

A Pictorial History

Lawrence H. Larsen and Nancy J. Hulston

May 1992
232 pages

The Presidency and the Law

The Clinton Legacy

David Gray Adler and Michael A. Genovese, eds.

September 2002
264 pages

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