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Reconsidering Judicial Finality

Why the Supreme Court Is Not the Last Word on the Constitution

Louis Fisher

August 2019
288 pages

The Supreme Court

An Essential History

Peter Charles Hoffer, Williamjames Hull Hoffer, and N. E. H. Hull

August 2018
520 pages

Supreme Court Expansion of Presidential Power

Unconstitutional Leanings

Louis Fisher

July 2017
352 pages

Chief Executive to Chief Justice

Taft betwixt the White House and Supreme Court

Lewis L. Gould

November 2014
214 pages

Disqualifying the High Court

Supreme Court Recusal and the Constitution

Louis J. Virelli III

June 2016
296 pages

The Supreme Court in American Politics

New Institutionalist Interpretations

Edited by Howard Gillman and Cornell Clayton

September 1999
312 pages

The Supreme Court and Tribal Gaming

California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians

Ralph A. Rossum

April 2011
224 pages

The Supreme Court and Juvenile Justice

Christopher P. Manfredi

November 1997
272 pages

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