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German Foreign Intelligence from Hitler's War to the Cold War

Flawed Assumptions and Faulty Analysis

Robert Hutchinson

January 2019
352 pages

Barbarossa 1941

Reframing Hitler's Invasion of Stalin's Soviet Empire

Frank Ellis

March 2018
598 pages

Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers

Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich

Bryan Mark Rigg

August 2016
328 pages

The Rabbi Saved by Hitler's Soldiers

Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and His Astonishing Rescue

Bryan Mark Rigg

September 2016
512 pages

When Titans Clashed

How the Red Army Stopped Hitler

David M. Glantz and Jonathan M. House

October 2015
576 pages

Holocaust versus Wehrmacht

How Hitler's "Final Solution" Undermined the German War Effort

Yaron Pasher

January 2015
384 pages

Victory at Mortain

Stopping Hitler's Panzer Counteroffensive

Mark J. Reardon

March 2002
384 pages

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