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The International Monetary System

History, Institutions, Analyses

Robert J. Carbaugh and Liang-Shing Fan

August 1976
176 pages

Highway Robbery

The Two-Decade Battle to Reform America's Automobile Insurance System

Peter Kinzler

June 2021
306 pages

Electing the House

The Adoption and Performance of the U.S. Single-Member District Electoral System

Jay K. Dow

April 2017
332 pages

Vindicating Andrew Jackson

The 1828 Election and the Rise of the Two-Party System

Donald B. Cole

September 2009
268 pages

Union, Nation, or Empire

The American Debate over International Relations, 1789-1941

David C. Hendrickson

March 2009
494 pages

The War for Korea, 1950-1951

They Came from the North

Allan R. Millett

August 2021
664 pages

U.S. Army Doctrine

From the American Revolution to the War on Terror

Walter E. Kretchik

June 2021
408 pages

The Big Picture

The Cold War on the Small Screen

John Lemza

August 2021
288 pages

Soldier Snapshots

Masculinity, Play, and Friendship in the Everyday Photographs of Men in the American Military

Jay Mechling

July 2021
240 pages

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